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For over 65 years, Yamaha motorcycles have been amongst the most trusted and respected in Europe. From their beginning in 1955 through to today, Yamaha have received numerous awards and praise for the quality of their products.

Maybe you are into sports, outdoor riding or simply like the feel of a well-made motorcycle? Whatever your interest, Yamaha offer an experience better than any other. Yamaha are well known for sleek design, great mobility and peak performance. Owning a Yamaha motorcycle says to the world that you value both quality and reliability.

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The History of Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha Motors was founded in Iwata, Japan in 1955. Their first cycle was the YA-1, built with a single-cylinder 125cc engine. The YA-1 went on to win that year in the 125cc class of the Mount Fuji Ascent. Soon after they won the first three places of the All Japan Autobike Endurance Road Race as well as the Catalina Grand Prix two years later.

Yamaha went on to find success throughout the 1960s, with a win at the 1963 Belgium GP in the 250cc class. Yamaha began to expand across the world, setting up in Thailand in 1964 and the Netherlands in 1968.

By the early 1970s Yamaha had made its first 4-stroke engine, the XS1, and had set up in Brazil and Indonesia. They went on to win in races such as the Motocross World GP, and by the late 1970s they had opened their first site in the United States.

By the end of the 20th century, Yamaha had sites on every continent. The company continues have success, having sold over five million cycles in 2019 alone.

The Design Philosophy of Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha’s approach to design is based on its three main principles: value, creativity and social responsibility.

When it comes to value, all products are built with the user’s needs and wants in mind. The company not only works to meet expectations for products and services, but also surpass them where it can. Yamaha also encourage creativity in design. They are always looking for new ways to further improve their range.

Finally, Yamaha recognise that they have a social responsibility to both the environment and communities. Yamaha have built a range of cycles that have several advantages over their competitors. They offer better design and build while offering top speed and performance. Yamaha motorcycles are also lower maintenance and more cost effective, making them the leading brand in the industry.

Why Choose Mototechniks As Your Yamaha Dealer?

Based in Stowmarket, Mototechniks are the leading Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Suffolk. At our Yamaha shop we stock a large range of new and old models of Yamaha motorcycles. Our team of Yamaha motorcycle dealers have years of experience and can advise you on the best products for your needs.

From service and repairs, to a range of riding gear, our Yamaha shop has all you need for the road. To ask for a test ride, speak with your friendly Yamaha dealers at Mototechniks today.

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